What's a Teen Maze?


What's a Teen Maze??

Helping youth understand the choices and consequences they encounter in their everyday lives is demonstrated through the Teen Maze approach.

A Teen Maze is a life-size game that engages and educates teens while
bbjlogo.jpgthey're having fun! It's an event that incorporates youth, adults and parents...all working create healthy youth opportunities.

Participants examine the consequences of life's choices in a hands-on, realistic, educational, creative and fun way.




What do youth and adults think aboutbbjlogo.jpg the Teen Maze?

"I learned a lot and will think twice before drinking and driving."
- Teen participant

"I discovered what it would be like to be a teen parent and why I should wait."
- Teen participant

"It gave you a dose of reality."
- Parent participant

"It made me think about the choices I can make." - Teen participant

"This was way cool!
I learned a lot."
- Teen participant


Build It And They Will Come is a guide designed to help your youth serving organization have the same success as three Arizona communities have had in presenting this unique and powerful event. The guide sells for just $25 including shipping and handling.

This guide will help any size community, with any size budget, in planning and implementing their own version of a Teen Maze.

Order yours today!!

Build It And They Will Come includes information about how to design a Teen Maze and helpful tips about volunteers, publicity, location, evaluation, and much, much more!!

The guide is a user friendly narrative that contains the stories of three Arizona communities and how they have designed the Maze for their youth.

Stay tuned...
We are producing a video to accompany the TEEN MAZE Guide

Build It And They Will Come is a venture of the
Arizona Partnership for Positive Youth Opportunities
(The Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program (TAPP), Youth Count, Graham County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative
and the Gila County Coalition to Reduce Teen Pregnancy).
The guide is made possible through a grant from the Flinn Foundation.

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